Prosthodontics Dentistry

Prosthodontics Dentistry

We pay attention to the smallest details to ensure that you maintain dental health.

Dental treatment can be at the level of the tooth crown or root, starting from treating caries and restoring them with fillings and ending with the treatment of roots and abscesses.

We use the latest and best materials in dental restoration in order to maintain the aesthetics and functionality of the teeth, whether by using direct aesthetic fillings or lab-made ceramic fillings.

We also apply the latest methods of treating the roots of the teeth in one visit using advanced technologies and computer programs to complete the treatment accurately and safely. We also provide treatment with cosmetic fillings.

In addition, we use the latest devices and materials for whitening teeth in one session.

Digital Dental X-Ray Sensor is used as a substitute for old radiographic films and provides a very accurate image with a significant reduction in the radiation dose to which the patient is exposed.

Apex Locator is used to accurately determine the length of the roots of the treated teeth and, in combination with radiography, helps to achieve great accuracy in treatment.
Rotary system is used in preparing and expanding channels faster and more conservatively on tooth tissue than the traditional manual preparation used in most non-specialized clinics.
Warm vertical obturation system is an n essential device in root canal filling, after its preparation, provides three-dimensional, impermeable root fillings that increase the success rate of treatment.
3D Dental Microscope The primary function of the microscope is to provide a large and clear illumination and enlargement of the work area, thus exposing all the small details that cannot be seen with the naked eye.
Ultrasonic dental unit It has many uses in the field of dental endodontics.
Zumax Broken Instrument Removal Kit  An advanced kit that includes several microscopic tweezers of various sizes used to remove broken tools from within the root canals.