Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

Fixed and Removable Prosthodontics

Fixed Prosthodontics

The specialty of fixed teeth compensation is concerned with compensating for lost teeth with zircon or ceramic crowns and bridges. Thus, helping the patient to restore the chewing function, correcting speech and preventing problems that follow tooth loss through:

Compensation for lost teeth with fixed, zircon or ceramic bridges

Large dental restorations with crowns (Zircon – Emax – ceramic without metal).

Reconstructing collapsed teeth with cosmetic fiber posts.

Oral rehabilitation and compensations over implants, in cases of generalized decay or wear of the teeth.

Correcting badly looking front teeth ,for congenital or necrotic reasons, by applying cosmetic dental lenses or Emax cosmetic crowns that mimic the translucency and natural appearance of the teeth, after performing the required treatments if any.

Giving the patient a special design for his/her smile in proportion to the teeth and face.

Removable dentures

A denture is a dental device that compensates for the teeth in addition to the structures surrounding them. It is called removable because the patient is able to remove it whenever they want.

Removable prostheses are still of great importance in the field of prosthetic dentistry despite the wide spread of implants. Until now, they have not been completely substituted by implants because the latter is expensive and need special anatomical requirements.

Removable prostheses are divided into three main sections:
Full dentures: to replace all the teeth in one or both jaws.
Partial dentures: to replace several missing teeth that are held by adjacent teeth using special wires (partial prosthesis)
Maxillofacial prostheses: compensates for facial structures lost as a result of tumors, congenital anomalies, and facial injuries.

Removable dentures over implants: In many cases, a fixed compensation over implants may not be feasible. In these circumstances, a removable denture supported by two or more implants is the appropriate option.

In our clinic, with the presence of a highly specialized team, modern equipment and high-precision dental laboratory, we can:

Make the smile within one week only with veneers or zircon crowns and bridges (taking into account the complexity of some cases that may need longer treatment periods)

A virtual smile design can be made for each patient to see how the smile will look like even before starting to work on the teeth.

The compensation for one missing tooth or two with a fixed zircon bridge within three days only. (Taking into account the complexity of some cases that may need longer treatment periods)